Since 1993 elections I have regularly participated in all programs and activities of the Party. Highlights of some of them are as follows :-

  • In 1999-98 assembly elections, Looking at my track record, I was given higher responsibility of liasoning, program coordination of senior leaders and media management along with the youth team management. I have successfully managed the campaign program schedule of senior leaders Shrimant Madhav Rao Scindia Ji and Shri Arjun Singh Ji as well as other state level leaders and party campaigners.
  • In 2000 I was invited to manage the campaign for mayor of Dewas congress candidate Mr. Jaisingh Ji with my youth team. This was an old time BJP dominated area but with our well formed strategies and youth power we led to the victory.
  • In 2003 Dabra Congress Karyakarta Sammelan which was presided by then President Sonia Gandhi Ji, I participated with thousands of youths of the area. I also worked with District Congress President Dr. Paprikar at the managerial capacity under the guidance of Shrimant Madhav Rao Scindia Ji.
  • Participated in 2009 Lok Sabha elections at Gwalior constituency as control room assistant and media in charge with Gyan Singh ji (auth.agent for elections). During this campaign we prepared a PILOT SOFTWARE which used assembly wise polling data of previous elections to formulate strategies for different assemblies. Unfortunately we lost these elections by 20,000 votes.
  • After completion of Gwalior elections, I went to ALWAR Lok Sabha with my Team and worked there at TIJARA assembly and ALWAR Town for the campaign of Jeetendra Singh ji. Fortunately, Jeetendra Singh Ji won a with huge margin.
  • In the last Gwalior Lok Sabha Elections the Gwalior District President Dr Raghunath Rao Paprikar deputed me as Media, Publicity and Youth in charge for the election campaign. We won these elections despite the adversities. I would like to quote the words from the appreciation letter given to me by Dr Paprikar
  • “As a young Congress man he has worked efficiently and as a Youth Congress leader carried his responsibilities with strength and vision.
  • Because of his untiring efforts and skills to unite the youth the Congress victory was possible.
  • He is a well read Youngman and is most dependable.”
  • Leaded the youth congress drive in Odisha and Gwalior.


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